Teaching Evaluations

Student Comments

Before taking Microeconomics, I thought this was a class I was not going to do well in, but Prof. Sederberg truly help me understand the material and taught in a way that was relatable and efficient. Thank you Professor Sederberg. I hope I have you as a Professor again in another class.

-Spring 2018

She is an amazing professor, and is refreshing in terms of how she teaches and the enthusiasm she has when teaching.

-Spring 2018

By far one of my favorite professors – turned a class that I was dreading (because I had tried taking it with a different professor last year and dropped it after the second class because it was THAT bad) into one of my favorite classes that I have taken here at Stonehill. I think it helps that Professor Sederberg is so young because she genuinely understands what it is that we need to succeed and does everything to make sure that we reach our potential.

-Fall 2018

She was always available through email and other communication areas.

-Fall 2017
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